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 Art & Design Collections

bullet1.  Exotic Mishap™:    Collection of Mishap Sculptures
bullet2.  Sculptures:    Car Art, Star Art, and Sculptured Arts & Designs
bullet3.  GoldGraphs™/RajGraphs™:  Custom Metallic Foils.
bullet4.  Paintings:  Canvas and, Gold & Diamond Mixtures/Potions.
bullet5.  D.O.T. Solos:  Dream Cars, Crash Tested into a Cement Barrier
bullet6.  Fine Arts & Designs:  Pastels, Sketches...
bullet7.  Design Concepts:  Conceptual Drawings of Transportation Designs

1►  Exotic Mishap™:    Collection of Mishap Sculptures
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Exotic Mishap™    Is an exclusive, re-known and unique sculpture collection usually of cars involved in a mishap, hence the name Exotic Mishap™.   Raj's motto is, "You Pick Them and I will Smash Them(SM)."   It takes 5-6 cars to make one crashed car.   Each car is torn down individually, than rebuilt, to his specification's, from the shade of the paint to the car moldings.  All 6 cars must be 100% identical and perfect, before Raj puts the cars through an intense program.   This program is executed via micro hand tools, hydraulic presses, blow torches, metal grinders, and many other tools; finally adding the finishing touches of hand sculpturing and molding.   RAJ is very detail oriented and this is reflected in each masterpiece he prepares.  Each work of art is unique and custom prepared for you, and the environment in which it will be displayed... Personalization is available to further customize your Exotic Mishap™.   These ArtWorks attract a lot of attention and comments...Please be prepared.

2►  Sculptures:    Includes, Car Art, Star Art, and Sculptured Arts & Designs
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Sculptures are designed, prepared and placed in a scenic diorama setting, anywhere anyplace.  These masterpieces incorporate names, insignias, logos and the specific locations you are looking for.  Very stunning and exciting...

3►  GoldGraphs™  &  RajGraphs™:  Custom Metallic Foils.
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GoldGraph™  &  Raj Graph Collection™   Another unique and exclusive collection.  When Raj originally created these renditions, they were made with gold leaf on black linen paper, hence the term GoldGraph™.  Today these pieces are available in a number of colors and different variations of gold, to silver, to metallic's, including holographic metallic foils.  It can sometimes take up to several weeks to prepare the initial stages of each GoldGraph™ and RajGraph™ series.  The subject is meticulously studied from several different angles, and than RAJ puts the study through numerous delicate and imaginative stages which he refers to as metamorphosis, to create these exclusive masterpieces.  In addition, each GoldGraph™ print is hand finished and sculptured for remarkable details of depth.  These pieces can be prepared as one unique work of art; or as a limited edition collection.  These sophisticated pieces are a visual delight, and due to their unusual metallic process will compliment any decor and or occasion.  Plenty of applications and enjoyment.

A GoldGraph™ Limited Edition Print can also be prepared.  Similar to the above but not metallic.  The unusual process is a layer of semi cured paint carefully laid onto linen paper stock.  This limited edition collection also has several commercial application as fine and unique Works of Art at a very economical cost. 

4a►  Paintings:  A Unique Potion of Gold and Diamonds.
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These are original masterpieces.  Each ArtWork uses exotic alloys, with precious metals such as, gold, platinum, titanium, brass, copper; and including the use of fine particles of diamonds, sapphires and or emeralds.  The actual exotic mixture is referred to as "The Potion".  The painting process is unique and prepared by hand, using 'age old' steel nibs.  These creations are known as sophisticated Works of Art, which have found their way into many homes and castles around the world. 

4b►  Paintings:  Canvas Collection.

Raj is a talented artist with a wide pool of ideas and gifts.  The canvas collection is a set of paintings with many different subject matters.  Each piece is a very powerful center of attention.  And attention is exactly what these works of art receive. 

5►  Fine Arts & Designs:  Pastels, Sketches...
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Pastels are vibrant works of art, which are prepared in a creative manner...

6►  D.O.T. Solos:  A Customized Dream Car in a DOT Crash Test into a Cement Barrier
     RG mb concept aka crash 2 copy.jpg (23526 bytes)<Before-After>
D.O.T. Solos  are original drawings of any test, fantasy or concept, or your car,  shown crashed into a cement barrier similar to the U.S. Department of Transportation crash tests, hence the name D.O.T Solos.  Each masterpiece is unique.  Anything can be added or modified to the car, e.g. custom wheels, names, insignias, striping, etc., thus the rendering can be unique and personalized to you.

7►  Design Concepts:    Conceptual & Engineering Design Drawings
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