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About Raj:

bulletA.  An interview with Raj
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A►  An interview with Raj:

Raj  doesn't say much especially about his art and design work... here are a few words while on location recently.  Raj says that he is blessed with a talent, that he has been touched to be able to provide such entertainment to all kinds of people, from children to adults, 'everyone has something to say'...  "I am even more blessed that I can use my gifts for so much good; in preparing art and design work for charities creating an even greater good for all people, especially for children,"   His art work has generated a sum of money for various charities around the globe, benefiting all those in need.  He was instrumental in the 911 attack where each of his art works was given to the families of the lost firefighters and police officers, in addition, money generated for the Orphan and Widows Fund.  For Raj, the term, 'reserved' is an understatement.'

1►  People Say:

Raj  is a multi-talented and experienced design artist, who has been blessed with rare skill and vision, balancing engineering and imagination to create each meticulously sculptured masterpiece.  The details of Raj's work is "remarkable and sophisticated," (Walt Disney).

Raj  makes every showcase an individual experience and "fine examples of pieces of substance and movement," (His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales).

Raj  prepares every piece from the ground up, with several stages of planning and preparation.  This is the reason Raj's work is "exceptionally executed and unique." (Chairman of the Board).

Raj's creativity is endless as to the choice of venues, thus making his art work unique and exceptionally adaptable with-in its environment.

"Just great work" William Shatner

"Remarkable, carnival like" George Lucas

2►  Biography:

Raj  Champaneri,  of East Indian descent, was born and raised in England and has been residing with his family in Los Angeles for over 25 years.

His fascination with Art and Design, especially with cars dates back to his childhood days, when he dismantled his fathers estate car (station wagon) to conceptualize if stream-lined headlamps and a slant front-end would make the car go faster!!!

It was shortly after this, (and being grounded), that Raj had an opportunity to meet HRH Queen Elizabeth, and the Royal retinue.  This honored audience, (and rebuilding the car), was the turning point in his blossoming artistic endeavor.

The Journey continued when he was selected from a handful of students throughout Europe to attend the prestigious and world renowned School of Art and Design.

Raj  has prepared unique renditions since his early days in Europe.  Raj now prepares each masterpiece from his studios in Los Angeles, for clients and customers from all over the world.  His renditions cover a wide subject matter, however the art work is immediately recognizable, and unmistakably unique.

3►  Renowned Art & Design Collections: 

bulletExotic Mishap™:    Collection of Mishap Sculptures
bulletSculptures:    Car Art, Star Art, and Sculptured Arts & Designs
bulletGoldGraphs™/RajGraphs™:  Custom Metallic Foils.
bulletPaintings:  Canvas and, Gold & Diamond Mixtures/Potions.
bulletD.O.T. Solos:  Dream Car Crash Tested into a Cement Barrier
bulletFine Arts & Designs:  Pastels, Sketches...
bulletDesign Concepts:  Conceptual Drawings of Transportation Designs

Exotic Mishap™:    Collection of Mishap Sculptures
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Sculptures:    Includes, Car Art, Star Art, and Sculptured Arts & Designs
RGSC005 st first contact copy.jpg (21063 bytes) RGSC019 wall hollywood la copy.jpg (33564 bytes) RGSC020 table rally 3 rolex vw copy.jpg (28165 bytes)

GoldGraphs™  &  RajGraphs™:  Custom Metallic Foils.
rgfagg01 copy.jpg (57066 bytes)  rgfagg02 copy.jpg (67812 bytes)

Paintings:  A Unique Potion of Gold and Diamonds.
  RGFA07 copy.jpg (41694 bytes)  RGFA02 copy.jpg (53957 bytes)

Paintings:  Canvas Collection.

Fine Arts & Designs:  Pastels, Sketches...
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D.O.T. Solos:  A Customized Dream Car in a DOT Crash Test into a Cement Barrier
     RG mb concept aka crash 2 copy.jpg (23526 bytes)<Before-After>

Design Concepts:    Conceptual & Engineering Design Drawings
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