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Exotic Mishap™ Collection

Exotic Mishap™   An exclusive, re-known and unique sculpture collection usually of cars involved in a mishap, hence the name Exotic Mishap™.   Raj's motto is, "You Pick Them and I will Smash Them(SM)."   It takes 5-6 cars to make one crashed car.   Each car is torn down individually, and rebuilt, to his specification's, from the shade of the paint to the car moldings.  All 6 cars must be identical, before Raj puts the cars through an intense program.   This process is executed via micro hand tools, hydraulic presses, blow torches, metal grinders, and other tools; finally adding the finishing touches of hand sculpturing and molding.   Raj is very detail oriented and this is reflected in each masterpiece he prepares.  Each work of art is unique and custom prepared for you and the environment in which it will be displayed... Be prepared for a lot of attention...
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