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GoldGraph™  &  RajGraphCollections  (Suite Collections at bottom of this page).

bullet1.  GoldGraph™ /RajGraph™ Collection (Metallic Foils)
bullet2.  GoldGraph™ Prints (Paint laid on linen paper stock)
bullet3.  GoldGraph™ Suite Collections (Collection of GoldGraphs™ aka POP art)

1►  GoldGraph™ &  RajGraph™.   Another unique and exclusive collection.  When Raj originally created these renditions, they were made with gold leaf on black linen paper, hence the term GoldGraph™.  Today these pieces are available in a number of colors and different variations of gold, to silver, to metallic's, including holographic metallic foils.  It can sometimes take up to several weeks to prepare the initial stages of each GoldGraph™ and RajGraph™ series.  The subject is meticulously studied from several different angles, and than RAJ puts the study through numerous delicate and imaginative stages which he refers to as metamorphosis, to create these exclusive masterpieces.  In addition, each GoldGraph™ print is hand finished and sculptured for remarkable details of depth.  These pieces can be prepared as one unique work of art; or as a limited edition collection.  These sophisticated pieces are a visual delight, and due to their unusual metallic process will compliment any decor and or occasion.  Plenty of applications and enjoyment.
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2   GoldGraph™ Prints (Paint laid on linen paper stock)

A GoldGraph™ Limited Edition Print can also be prepared.  Similar to the above but not metallic.  The unusual process is a layer of semi cured paint carefully laid onto linen paper stock.  This limited edition collection also has several commercial application as fine and unique Works of Art at a very economical cost.
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3►  GoldGraph™  Suite Collections: aka POP Art

Original Art work, Collection of Artist Proofs, Signatures, and Original Magisium Plates.
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