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ExoticMishap™ Collection
Collection of Cars Crashed set within in a personalized diorama, with custom license plates, street and freeway signs, and company names... These Masterpieces are personalized.
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GoldGraph™ / Raj Graph™
These Art Works are prepared using Metallic Foils.  The Suite Collection is also known as POP Art because of the use of colors and the layout of the individual panels.

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Canvas, Pastels, Sketches...
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Gold and Diamond Potion Paintings
These Masterpieces are painted using exotic materials, Gold, Platinum, Silver, together with Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphires, Emeralds.  The secret Mixture is the Potion, which is custom prepared for one time use only. Gold and Diamonds is used to paint Gold; Platinum and Emeralds is used to paint Green... These Art Works are usually for the sophisticated connoisseur, and deck the walls of Castles and Palaces around the world.
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Three Dimensional Art Works.  These creative works of art are endless and stunning...
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D.O.T. Crash Tests
These Art Works are of cars crashed into a concrete barrier, hence the name.  The car, whether production, concept or fantasy is prepared to your likings.
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Collection of Design Concepts over the last 30 some Years
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